Facebook cryptocurrency project leaves several more companies

EBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago have decided to follow the example of the PayPal payment system and leave the Libra cryptocurrency project. Most likely, this decision is associated with strong pressure from regulatory authorities.

Large payment companies Visa and Mastercard, one of the largest investors, also decided to leave the Facebook project to create their own cryptocurrency. Thus, the company did not have a single major payment partner in the United States, and this may complicate the entry of the Libra digital currency into the domestic market.

Mastercard decided to pay more attention to the development of its own business, eBay will focus on its own payment products, and Stripe representatives said that they might return to the project in the future.


Earlier, we wrote that the cryptocurrency project Facebook was left without a CEO. According to the data, the organization Libra Association for the creation of Facebook cryptocurrency left its head Simon Morris. His departure is one of the many problems of the Libra cryptocurrency project. Currently, the duties of the head of the organization are temporarily performed by Bertrand Perez

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